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Allertex and Karl Mayer UK in new Partnership (posted 28/05/12)

Pictured: (Left) Tony Hooimeijer, Managing Director Karl Mayer UK, (Right) Neil Fielding, Director Allertex Ltd

Allertex Ltd is pleased to announce that as of 25th April 2012 they have been  appointed as the exclusive Agent / Representative in the UK and Ireland of Karl Mayer UK Ltd for all warp preparation products used in the weaving industry.

As of that date all existing and new warping projects will be handled by Allertex working alongside, and in close cooperation with, Mr Adam Stevenson, the Area Sales Manager for Karl Mayer UK .

Technical support will continue to be delivered from Karl Mayer UK in Shepshed and clients can choose whether to request this directly or through Allertex, who will then liaise with Karl Mayer UK .

Karl Mayer UK believe that the partnership with Allertex will, because of their technical knowledge and market coverage, strengthen Karl Mayer’s position in the UK and Ireland and, in addition, give existing and potential clients a well-known and established contact point.

The main contact person within Allertex will be Mr Neil Fielding who will be assisted by the rest of the Weaving Division team within the company.

If you would like further information on this new partnership or about the machinery range of Karl Mayer, please contact:   Neil Fielding.

Allertex Provide Smooth Transition (posted 07/09/11)

Pictured: (Left) Director Neil Fielding, (right) New member of staff Andy Pullen

Allertex are happy to announce a new addition to our team in the form of Mr Andrew Pullen.  Andy joins us with a wealth of experience in the textile industry having previously worked at renowned weaving companies H.H.Calmon's and C&J Antich & Sons Limited.  For the last 10 years he has been in employment as a technical service engineer for Sultex (Itema) in UK.

Andy's employment is part of Allertex's ongoing commitment to provide technical service backup to their UK weaving customers as he will at first, work along side Director John McBride, before taking on the role solely when Mr McBride retires during next year.



Oerlikon Neumag re-aligns its Product Portfolio (posted 07/09/11)

As part of Oerlikon Neumag's re-focusing of their product portfolio, as annouced in their media release (a full copy of which can be downloaded here), Allertex are happy to announce that they will continue to promote Carding, Crosslapping, and Needle Punching machinery in the UK from the manufacturing brands of  F.O.R., Autefa and Fehrer.  If you would like further information about this equipment or the re-structuring of both Oerlikon Neumag and AUTEFA Solutions GmbH., please our Mr Ian Smith.


Our New Partner
(posted 21/09/09)

Allertex are proud to announce our new partnership with the Swiss company Crealet AG as of the 1st June 2009.  Allertex will be responsible for the sales and service of the complete range of products from this leading manufacturer for the UK and Ireland.

Crealet have many years experience in providing specialised solutions for the electronically controlled feeding of warp sheets for both wide width and narrow fabric weaving machines.  Types of solutions provided include:

  • Electronic warp let-off and electronic cloth take up
  • Upper beam equipment with electronic warp let-off
  • Warp beam stand with electronic let-off
  • Yarn delivery unit with electronic let-off
  • Electronic let-off for selvedge device
  • Tire cord weaving equipment

If you would like further information on Crealet and their products please contact:
 Neil Fielding.



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